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The Obranavec Fighter Base formerly housed the 1st fighter wing of the RDO Airforce. Due to budget cuts the airbase was closed twenty years ago and has remained unused since then. Located near the border with Czervenia it used to be the first line of defense against NME aggression. The RDO began rapid repairs to the base several weeks ago but now NME forces have captured it combining air strikes with a ground assault.

Rules of Engagement published 12MAY05 are in effect. Use appropriate force against positively identified enemy combatants only. Minimize damage to local infrastructure.

A. Enemy Forces:

23rd Mechanized Infantry Division, N.M.E. North

B. Friendly Forces:

82nd Airborne, Alpha Company 2/325 AIR

C. Environment:

Two runway airfield with four hangers, control tower and several maintenance buildings. Terrain is generally flat with scattered blast depressions and brush in the outlying areas.