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Situation: A central pump station is being reactivated for use by the local government.

ROE: Rules of Engagement published 12MAY05 are in effect. Use appropriate force against positively identified enemy combatants only. Minimize damage to local infrastructure. Be advised large civilian presence in contested area.

A. Enemy Forces:

23rd Mechanized Infantry Division, N.M.E. North are active in the region surrounding Hill 8395 and are threatening a facility essential to the RDO.

B. Friendly Forces:

82nd Airborne, Delta Company 2/325 AIR will engage enemy mechanized infantry at Hill 8395 at grid ZF269883. 82nd Airborne, Bravo Company 2/325 AIR will defend the facility located at ZD309784.

C. Environment:

Facility consisting of three structures: the pump station, the exterior storage tanks and a 1-story out-building housing the emergency shut-ooff valve.