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King Alexander III ruled Czervenia until the end of World War I, when the region splintered into smaller independent states known as the Odporzhia region. In the 70's, the Odporzhia region experienced an economic boom, but changes in the world markets in the late 90's spread poverty across the region. The RDO government diversified its economy, building a vibrant technology and tourism industry. In Czervenia, the PKC party came to power and turned on its own citizens, claiming their social and economic woes were the fault of those who didn't show "proper dedication to the religious and patriotic institutions of Czervenian culture."

When the PKC failed to bring about the promised economic wealth, the blame was placed on the RDO and surrounding nations. Blaming a bombing by anti-PKC rebels on the RDO military, Czervenia declared war and invaded the RDO. The PKC has rallied the Czervenian people around the banner of restoring the region to its former glory under King Alexander.

Fleeing the Czervenian military, waves of refugees poured out of Czervenia into the RDO. The RDO provided safe haven for the refugees and made a formal protest to the United Nations. Unable to handle the influx of refugees and the brute force of the Czervenian military, the United States has offered the assistance of the U.S. Army. Outraged, Czervenian President Kazimir Adzic said, "My message to them is, not in two weeks, not in two months, not in two years, never! We must be clear that we will not surrender and we will not turn Czervenia over to the invaders and those who support them in the south."