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Situation: Czervenian refugees and RDO citizens impoverished by recent economic down-turn have established a makeshift community in the RDO city of Mozeizli. NME operatives are believed to have infiltrated the population and have set up links to know enemy espionage networks. You will never find a more abject hoard of waste and turpitude. Your squad must be careful.

ROE: Rules of Engagement published 12MAY05 are in effect. Use appropriate force against positively identified enemy combatants only. Minimize damage to local infrastructure.

A. Enemy Forces:

9th Amphibious Assault Battalion, N.M.E. Southwest.

B. Friendly Forces:

82nd Airborne, Alpha Company 2/325 AIR.

C. Environment:

Mid-Day, overcast with intermittent rain and thunderstorms. Impoverished make-shift community providing plenty of concealment but little cover. Multiple traversal options including roof-top access. Minimal Civilian contact expected.