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(11b) Infantryman

The SDM or Squad Designated Marksman supports the squad by laying down accurate rapid fire at distances beyond the normal engagement range of the squad's rifleman. The average rifleman is trained to engage targets up to 300 meters away. A sniper engages targets beyond 600 meters while the SDM is trained to engage targets in "No Man's Land," the area between the capabilities of the two. Although the SDM receives much of the same training, he is not a sniper. The SDM is a rifleman and deploys as a member of a squad. He maneuvers and engages with his squad and never operates alone. To qualify to become a Squad Designated Marksman, you must score at least 36 or higher during Basic Rifle Marksmanship training.

The SDM uses the M16A4 DMR, a more accurate version of the M16A4. Built by the Army Marksmanship Unit, the M16A4 DMR is fitted with a heavy 20-inch barrel, a 2-stage match trigger, and a Trijicon ACOG M150 4x optic.

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